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Kincardine artist Sarah Chisholm is guest artist at Victoria Park Gallery for July

By: Liz Dadson
July 13, 2017

Sarah Chisholm loves to work with colour, and finds the beauty along the shores of Lake Huron a never-ending source of inspiration.

The Kincardine artist has her work on display at the Victoria Park Gallery in downtown Kincardine, until the end of July.

Married with three daughters, Chisholm grew up among artists along the Lake Huron shoreline and loves spending time on the shore, and in the forest and countryside.

"I see our surroundings as a source of wonder and magic, and so I purposely strive for my images to evoke an other-worldly and ethereal feel," she says. "My art is not about recording a scene; it is about creating a moment and sharing my vision of the world."

Chisholm uses digital tools to create her artwork. Both photography and digital painting play important parts in her finished creations.

"I will sometimes spend hours outside in sub-zero temperatures, waiting in pitch dark, or chasing thunderstorms, just to get the perfect shot," she says. "I have also spent thousands of hours in my studio, crafting my own post-processing techniques, and hand-painting details to give my work a look recognizable as my own. I am self-taught, and I am still learning all the time."

Colour is very important to her, both in her photographs and her paintings, and she spends time composing not just bright colour, but the right colour.

"I am very particular about lighting and composition," she says, "and spend time ensuring I've got a great shot before I work my magic with my brushes. I often use my photography as an 'under-painting' for a processed or painted piece, though sometimes I do just begin a painting as a blank canvas on my computer. I do most of my own printing and matting, so I can take pride in a beautiful work of art that I brought into existence."

One of her favourite digital paintings is "Gustav's Daisies," a tribute to Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. This is a one-of-a-kind painting, with no prints being made of it, and Chisholm painted the minute details by hand.

Another favourite is "Vincent's Dandelions," a fine art digital photograph on canvas. "I shoot digital negatives," says Chisholm, "and I love the post-processing work - that's where my creativity comes out."

She is also thrilled with her photo, "149 Fireworks," which uses time-stacking photography. "I shot 200 photos of the fireworks and then combined them all into one photograph. It takes a lot of time and work to complete."

While she has been an artist all her life, she has worked at it professionally for the past five years. Her art has been featured in galleries and shows across Ontario, and is sold to private and corporate collectors all over the world.

"I've been asked to do portraits but that's not what I do," says Chisholm. "My fine art photography and painting are my creative outlet and I enjoy what I do."

A former member of the Victoria Park Gallery, Chisholm is glad to be featured as the guest artist. "I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of the people of Kincardine and my family and friends."

She will have her work on display at the Artists' Walk this Saturday (July 15) at the Bruce Telecom Lighthouse Blues Festival, and she will be part of a juried art show, the "Aperture Show," in Owen Sound in November.

For more information about Chisholm's work, check her Facebook page, "Sarah Chisholm Photography" and her website:

The Victoria Park Gallery is located in the Kincardine Arts Centre in downtown Kincardine, Its summer hours are Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, Noon to 3 p.m.


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