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No room for creative ideas in Kincardine Parks Master Plan survey, says reader

By: Letter to the Editor
August 23, 2017

To the Editor:
RE: "Public input sought for Kincardine Parks Master Plan"

Some thoughts from someone who has been an enemy of bureaucratic imperialism forever. 

a) $61,000 is an extraordinary cost for consultants to develop a PLAN. What are you paying your senior staff for? That is their job. Permitting the plan to cost more than twice the budget amount is inexcusable.
b) The questionnaire is just a usage guide, like a traffic survey. Senior staff could do that as part of their normal duties.
c) The consultants are going to use the data, which you provide, to create a plan which, because of the data, is self-evident.

I did not see any room for a single creative idea in the questionnaire, such as expanding the marina, creating walks along the river, spending a night in the lighthouse, a strong emphasis on some cultural activity, and so on. Why did you not ask specifically for people to think outside the box, in order to come up with unique suggestions?

Data on the sex, age, etc., of respondents, is just filler. It is not pertinent data. 

Did this initiative come as a result of discontent among the populace? Were they petitioning council for more of this, or that?

I bet this was an initiative dreamed up by senior staff, to keep them busy, and show that they are doing something. Recreational facilities are intensely local matters. A plan to do something 20 miles away is of little interest, and no utility.

You have been had, just like all councils. 

Just keep your ear to the ground by walking the turf, as in the days of small local municipalities. Then, you will really hear what people want, why they want it, and where they want it - and what tax burden will  be too much to pay.

Peter Weygang


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