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Liberals proposed tax changes will cripple local businesses, says Lobb

By: Letter to the Editor
October 5, 2017

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Most local business owners are middle-class Canadians — the people who put their time, effort, and sweat into paying the bills and paying their employees before they pay themselves.

The federal Liberal government of prime minister Justin Trudeau is targeting small business owners with a massive tax hike, threatening jobs and the communities that are sustained by our local businesses.

It’s outrageous that these tax changes were quietly announced in the middle of summer when farmers and small business owners are in their peak busy season. Groups across Canada have called for an extension of the 75-day consultation period, or to even launch meaningful consultations with the business community but these requests were ignored.

Trudeau is targeting local businesses with a major tax increase. He thinks that most small businesses are just vehicles used by wealthy Canadians to avoid paying taxes. He couldn’t be more wrong. These people are the backbone of the Canadian economy. These Liberal tax hikes will significantly impact incorporated local businesses, family farms, and local professionals.

The vast majority of local business operators don’t have pensions or government bailouts to fall back on like Trudeau does. Whatever money they can save helps them pay their workers during a bad year, or for retirement after a lifetime of work.

Over the past 90 days my office has been inundated with feedback from constituents. People from all across the riding are concerned about how these changes will affect their business. The results of the largest-ever study of public opinion in Canada reflects that there is no appetite for increasing small business taxes in Huron-Bruce.

People were asked “How much should small businesses pay in taxes?” and the majority of respondents in Huron-Bruce responded with “the same as now.”

Trudeau has a spending problem. Now, he is going to local businesses with his hand out, demanding they pay for it.

Local businesses grow our communities and create jobs. They need our support, not higher taxes. Canada’s Conservatives will fight Trudeau’s attack on local businesses every step of the way.

Ben Lobb
Huron-Bruce MP


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